The Art and Science of Facelift Surgery A Video Atlas (2nd Edition) 2024

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Improved surgical techniques and increasing patient expectations have transformed the field of cosmetic facial surgery, and The Art and Science of Facelift Surgery, 2nd Edition, brings you up to speed with today’s best and latest procedures. This highly practical resource features a superbly illustrated print reference with step-by-step procedures accompanied by surgical videos of each technique. Comprehensive, easy-to-follow instruction from internationally recognized expert Dr. Joe Niamtu III, with chapters by other internationally recognized colleagues, helps you achieve optimal outcomes on frequently requested procedures.

  • Provides authoritative advice, technical tips, and personal approaches from Dr. Niamtu, a key opinion leader in cosmetic surgery, with contributions from other leading facelift surgeons.
  • Covers the contemporary procedures that today’s patients are requesting, including deep plane facelifts, submandibular gland resection, male facelifts, minimally invasive facelifts, chin implants, revision facelifts, and many more.
  • Includes hundreds of new clinical photos, new video content, and updated procedural guidance, tips, and tricks throughout.
  • Contains an abundance of full-color photographs that illustrate surgical steps and before-and-after outcomes, as well as easy-to-follow instruction for each procedure.
  • Features high-quality videos such as diagnosis, patient selection, and surgical marking; deep plane face and neck lift; minimally invasive facelift; submentoplasty; all common SMAS approaches; facelift flap trimming; office setup and instrumentation; facelift complications; and more—showing all necessary and important stages of each surgery so you can learn directly from the surgeon as you watch each step being performed.
  • Helps both trainee and practicing aesthetic surgeons obtain optimal results and high patient satisfaction with every facelift.
  • Any additional digital ancillary content may publish up to 6 weeks following the publication date.